Luxury Condo Market in Fort Lauderdale is on the Rise!

The Palms Residences

As a local, I constantly ask myself how Fort Lauderdale is not overran with new residents. Of course we have beautiful beaches and warm weather year-round, but the bonuses that people seem to miss astonish me. For instance, if you live in a large city, you experience heavy depressing traffic. Fort Lauderdale traffic is quite the opposite consisting of palms trees, joggers, and an easy stop to Starbucks with only a few people in line.  Another benefit that people tend to not consider are our views, especially from our luxury condominiums. Waking up to waves crashing and the sunlight peering in your bedroom window is the most motivation anyone could ask for in starting his/her day. It's the FIRST thing I miss when I visit my family in Indiana.

So how are our beachfront condominiums doing these days? At Florida Luxurious Properties we focus on the ideal lifestyle for living and it doesn't get much better than our beachfront condominiums, which have only just recently started rising in activity. In the past month alone we experienced a 15% increase in our luxury condominium sales and season has just begun! Overall, the price per square foot on closed sales in our top luxury oceanfront buildings has gone up consistently and so has the confidence in the current residents, who are listing 40% more from November 2014 to now, January 1, 2015. In addtion to our present luxury high-rises, Fort Lauderdale has added 7 pre-construction opportunities that range from prices as low as $350/square foot in SkY230 Luxury Townhomes up to $1,700/square foot in Auberge Beach Residences and Spa. The first delivery of these pre-construction opportunities arrive at the end of January 2015 and are forecasted all the way to late 2017. These future buildings are selling pretty consistently and not just from our international investors, but equally from our local residents in our western suburbs who want an easy weekend get-away for the family.

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